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[I] observe the qualities of people, overhearing snatches of conversations, noting people’s appearances, their clothes, and so forth. Walking and driving a car are part of my life as a writer, really. Joyce Carol Oates in a 1978 interview in The Paris Review   (via ablogwithaview)

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Young Love #106 (1973) (x)


my hobbies include being right and petting other peoples cats

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You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing indeed.

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invisibility is not a superpower // S.M.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I would like to know more about the Linguistics major. Do you have any advice? What's the most challenging class you've taken? Etc.

Sorry this took me so long to get to! The ling major at UCSC in particular is all I can really vouch for, and from what i’ve heard, we do ling a little differently. All I can say is that we have incredible professors and a unique pedagogy. No textbooks, no huge exams, just data sets, some guidelines, and papers. You create an understanding of the material as you work with it rather than memorize theories/concepts and apply them, so there’s a more personal connection with the work you do. There’s a huge emphasis on collaboration, which seems intimidating at first but it ends up being one of the greatest parts of ling here. I can’t imagine getting through my ling classes without my outstanding study groups and friends. The professors are incredibly helpful and impressive in their knowledge and contributions to the field. This seems intimidating at first, but when you realize that you can call them all by their first names and when you show up to office hours and they’re not wearing shoes or they offer you candy, it’s easier to relax and have a conversation with them without feeling the challenging barriers that can sometimes exist between student and faculty.

In terms of the most challenging classes in ling, I’d have to say Syntax. I’m one of those crazy ones who went on to Syntax V even though the major only requires Syntax I and II. But Syntax I was not inherently difficult in theory (for me, it’s challenging for many others), it was just a ton of work and time and effort, which was hard at first. Syntax II was  harder from a theoretical standpoint (again, for me. other people found Syntax II easier than Syntax I), but it was slightly less time consuming. However, despite these classes being the most challenging, they have been the most rewarding by far. That’s what i like about the ling major here—you will be challenged, but you will come out of those hard classes feeling like you learned something worthwhile.

I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.

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UGH Emily you’re perfect.

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