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Anonymous asked: Least favorite courses?

  • Gaming & Gambling (with Mendes)— the material was interesting and the math was easy. But the class was almost insufferable. The professor was pretty terrible and some of the administrative aspects of the class were unfavorable (i.e huge homework assignments that would only be graded based on the hardest parts because the department didn’t have the money to pay graders to grade the entire assignments). In retrospect I’m glad I took it but anyone who’s taken this class can vouch for its bullshittiness.
  • French V— this is probably a more personal complaint, but my French V class wasn’t that great. I loved my professor (I had her for French III and later French VI) but the class was at a bad time in a room with no windows and most people in the class were unenthusiastic and bordering on unfriendly.

Anonymous asked: Favorite places in Santa Cruz?

Hmmm. Los Pericos (burritos are hella important), UCSC (duh), The Buttery (brunch of champions), and most beaches (I tend to avoid the general boardwalk area if I can). I’m probably forgetting something.

Anonymous asked: What are some of the best classes you've taken at UCSC?

  • Syntax I, II, III, and V— syntax at UCSC has the reputation of being a ton of work and ridiculously hard, and there’s a reason for the rep. But it’s also one of the most intellectually stimulating subjects I’ve ever encountered, and it made me more accustomed to working in groups in ways that I think are beneficial. I’ve made some of my best friends at UCSC in my syntax courses.
  • Psycholinguistics— my particular class was not the most ideal, as it seemed like a lot of people were not that enthusiastic about the material, but I found this class very useful, fun, and introduced me to a side of linguistics that I hadn’t previously seen
  • Linguistics 80C: Language, Society & Culture— I took this as a freshman and tutored it as a junior. The only ling class offered for non-ling majors besides Intro. TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOU CAN it’s full of important information that most people haven’t really thought about. When I took this class, I loved it. When I tutored it, I loved hearing from other students how much they loved the class.

  • Stevenson Core— the class all freshmen in Stevenson must take. It was two quarters and there was a bunch of really interesting and thought provoking reading. The first quarter was focused on a lot of religious texts while the second was more politically focused. The overall theme of the class (and the college) is Self & Society, so it was really cool to read and write about all these things and relate them to that theme
  • California Geology— this was the first class I ever attended here, and it was a little frustrating because learning about rocks at 8AM is rough. But I found the class interesting, especially because it was centered on the geology of the region we were actually in. It was a random GE that I fell asleep during quite a few times, but I am overall very glad I took this class

Anonymous asked: Favorite study spots?

  • Stevenson Café because it’s where all the linguists are
  • 4th floor of McHenry because it’s quiet and kinda pretty
  • 1st floor of McHenry because it’s a little less populated and there’s no huge stair-climb or isolated dungeon feel
  • Stevenson Library early in the day before it gets stuffy and disgusting in there (bonus points for Boo)
  • That little walkway above the café in McHenry that you have to take the elevators to get to
  • The reading porches at McHenry just before dusk
  • Lulu’s at the Octagon 

Anonymous asked: Are you going to go to grad school? Why or why not?

I think I want to, but I’m not 100% decided on it yet… mostly because I don’t know what exactly I’d be going for. I don’t want to go “just because”. I want to find something I feel is worth my pursuit and go from there. Also school is fucking up the ass expensive so as much as I’d like to be a student forever I recognize that it’s probably going to be something I should take my time on, lest I wind up in a larger shitstorm of debt than I’m already in.

Anonymous asked: Where do you shop for clothes? I love your style!

WOW HI YES this is flattering because i feel like i didn’t really learn to dress myself in a way that i like until recently so thank you thank you! 

I’m kind of a sucker for Urban Outfitters, but everything I own from there I’ve bought on sale. I wear a lot of stuff from Sway as well—I believe they only have California locations but they have a website if you don’t live here. The Just USA jeans they sell have become my favorite denim. I have some stuff from H&M and Cotton On, the occasional piece from Old Navy, and lots of random thrift store stuff. I used to shop a lot at Delias in high school and have a few things that managed to stay in my wardrobe from there, too. I also really like Forever 21, but it takes a certain mood to wade through the random studs, crosses, pointless French text, and unnecessary zippers…

my room smells like incense and i’m mildly caffeinated and bored let’s be friends yeah awesome internet wow cool


  • person: so what do you do on the weekends?
  • me: oh you know, I usually like to practice my LaTeX

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