Trying to will fall weather with beanies and sweaters. 🍂☀️#ootd
being a person is hard sometimes
Look I got a thing! It’s not the one I thought I ordered but I like it even better than what I thought I’d be getting so I’m pretty pleased.
home!! i arrived back in the bay yesterday, rearranged the furniture in my room and unpacked most of my stuff. i just have clothing to do now. i started work at quickly today too and i’m excited about that.
it’s hot out (for the east bay) and i want to unpack my clothes so i can get all the boxes out of my room but also ugh i’m so exhausted. a day of cleaning followed by a day of moving followed by my first day of work… i sorta want to collapse. plus i busted my ass cleaning my house in santa cruz the other day just to find out that my property manager is gonna charge us for cleaning anyway so fuck me wow 
but i’m working a lot for the next week and a half then i take off for washington for a week then i come back here and turn 21 and work more whoop whoop kickass july kickass summer kickass life
one of the community players in wind ensemble sometimes takes photos. he just posted the ones from last quarter and i thought this was cute
i gotta stop buying rings cause i am i running out of real estate
Perpetually tortured by stuff I can’t afford at American Apparel